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Often I'm told that the biggest issue preventing most people from following bodybuilding diets long-term is the diets' over reliance on bland tasting chicken. Truth be told, one can have a variety of proteins in one's bodybuilding diet besides chicken, such as egg whites, tuna, salmon, lean red meats, orange roughy, talapia, and turkey. However, in my experience, chicken is one of the most convenient and easy to prepare items on a bodybuilding menu, besides being very cost effective in comparison to other proteins. I like chiken breasts myself for the fact that they are very lean, cheap and portable sources of protein. Also, I am a creature of habit and enjoy eating the same items every day as it makes for easy accounting of my intake of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Now, though I eat chicken every day, it does not mean that it tastes the same on a daily baisis (except when getting ready for a bodybuilding competition). Chicken does not need to be boring tasting at all as there are many ways to prepare it.

My friend Stella Juarez, author of the bodybuilding cookbook Stella's Kitchen, provides several easy recipe ideas to make tasty, and quick to prepare, nutritious meals from chicken in her article Quick and Healthy Chicken Recipes for Bodybuilders. By trying out these recipes, I guarantee you that you will kick the boredom out of your kitchen and your chicken. Bon Appetite!


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