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Bodybuilding Diet Design Made Simple

By May 30, 2012

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The hardest part for those who are just getting started in bodybuilding as well as many intermediate bodybuilders as well is designing the proper bodybuilding diet.  There are so many myths and misinformation out there, that designing a bodybuilding diet can prove to be daunting at times.

If you have no idea on how to put one together, you are just in luck because this month, IFBB Hall of Famer and living legend Lee Labrada not only sets the record straight on carbs, proteins and fats, but also shares a very simple method to put your bodybuilding diet together.

Check out the article series on Making The Science of Designing Your Bodybuilding Diet Simple.


June 4, 2012 at 1:28 pm
(1) chiefgreybeard says:

Can you tell that a large part of the income for the bodybuilding industry is in protein supplements?

How much protein you need depends on the calories you burn daily, not your body weight, though bigger people do burn more calories.

Measuring protein as a percentage of calories burned takes into consideration how often you work out, the intensity of the workout and what you are doing with the rest of your life between workouts.

That all said, 20% of your daily calorie burn in protein is about what you need. If you want to be sure, make your calories from protein 25% of your daily calorie burn. 20% of your daily calorie burn is 150 gr of protein if you burn 3,000 calories and 100 gr of protein if you burn 2,000 calories. Anything more than that is probably just expensive urine.

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