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2013 IFBB Tampa PBW Championships Results and Recap


2013 IFBB Tampa PBW Championships Results and Recap

Tampa PBW Championships.

Photo courtesy: www.ifbbtampapro.com

Since its introduction to the IFBB contest schedule in 2007, the Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships has grown to be one of the largest shows on the pro circuit. In fact, the 2013 edition of the contest, held on August 9 to 10 at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay in Tampa, Florida, featured over 200 competitors between seven pro divisions. The headlining division, men's open bodybuilding, saw a deep lineup of bodybuilders vying for first place and a qualification at the 49th annual Mr. Olympia in September.

Three bodybuilders stood atop the rest during the prejudging and subsequent finals. Evan Centopani, Juan Morel and Essa Obaid all displayed a great combination of mass and conditioning. Obaid was in the best shape of the three and exhibited his trademark grainy look. However, he was slightly out-massed by Centopani and Morel. Centopani, making his 2013 contest season debut, showed much improvement to his presentation. He looks to have corrected his past tan-coating issues and was better able to showcase his physique with improved posing. Centopani also brought up his chest, which had been a weak point on his physique in the past. As for Morel, he was the least conditioned of the three, though only by a small margin. Also, although his physique is well balanced, he still needs to add a bit more mass to his legs to match his torso.

Out of these three names, the judges favored Centopani for first place, as he seemed to have the best overall package. Morel finished in second and Obaid landed in third. Rounding out the top five were Mohammad Bannout in fourth and Lionel Beyeke in fifth. Bannout surprised the lineup with his high level of conditioning while Beyeke once again came in off. Despite his subpar showings thus far this year, Beyeke has been amassing points in the Olympia qualification series and may earn a trip to the Olympia via a top five finish in the series. That is, unless he decides to compete at the last two contests prior to the Olympia and wins either show. These two contests are the Dallas Europa Pro and the Nordic Pro.

And, speaking of competitors who have struggled to get in peak shape, Jason Huh yet again missed the mark on contest day. He finished in the 12th position. Huh had the most muscle mass onstage and would have been battling for a top finish if he came in more conditioned.

In the women's bodybuilding division, Tammy Jones edged-out the ultra-conditioned Maria Rita Bello to earn her qualification to the Olympia. Jones has been a pro for less than a year, having earned her pro card at the NPC North Americans in September 2012. Tonia Moore, Tina Chandler and Helle Nielsen rounded out the top five.

The entire results from the men's bodybuilding and women's bodybuilding divisions are as follows.

Men's Bodybuilding:

1. Evan Centopani
2. Juan Morel
3. Essa Obaid
4. Mohammad Bannout
5. Lionel Beyeke
6. Lee Banks
7. Manuel Romero
8. Keith Williams
9. Aliaksei Shabunia
10. Rafael Jaramillo
11. Bill Wilmore
12. Jason Huh
13. Rudy Richards
14. Matthias Botthof
15. Constantinos Demetriou
16. James Hampton
16. Jeff Beckham
16. Maor Zaradez
16. Baitollah Abbaspour
16. Timmy Gaillard
16. Santana Anderson
16. Steven Burke
16. Tomas Bures
16. Joe DeRousie
16. Jonathan Rowe
16. Emro Karaduzovic
16. Alexander Nataf
16. Peter Porczi
16. Mario Van Steenberghe
16. Christopher Saccardo
16. Lloyd Dollar

Women's Bodybuilding:

1. Tammy Jones
2. Maria Rita Bello
3. Tonia Moore
4. Tina Chandler
5. Helle Nielsen
6. Melody Spetko
7. Shannon Courtney
8. Lora Ottenad
9. Michelle Cummings
10. Irene Andersen
11. Emery Miller
12. Alicia Alfaro
13. Tazzie Colomb
14. Christine Envall
15. Paula Francis
16. Beth Wachter
16. Sharon Mould
16. Agatha Dulson
16. Beverly DiRenzo
16. Geraldine Morgan
16. Maryse Manios
14. Natalia Batova
15. Juanita Blaino
16. Angela Debatin
16. Roxanne Edwards
16. Pamela Franklin
16. Aurelia Grozajova
16. Terri Harris
16. Mary Jerumbo
16. Janeen Lankowski
16. Mirian Gerard

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