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2013 NPC USA Championships Results and Recap


2013 NPC USA Championships Results and Recap

National Physique Committee

Photo courtesy: NPC News Online.

The NPC USA Championships is one of the most prestigious bodybuilding titles in the amateur ranks. The contest has produced a number of bodybuilding legends since its inception in 1982. Names like Flex Wheeler, Chris Cormier, Melvin Anthony, Dennis James and reigning Mr. Olympia champion Phil Heath earned the title of Mr. USA.

The 2013 rendition of the contest was held on July 26-27 at the Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall on the Campus of the University of Las Vegas in Nevada. Over 700 competitors traveled to Sin City, setting a record for the show, to compete in the various divisions. Those divisions included men's and women's bodybuilding, men's and women's physique, and women's figure, fitness and bikini. Suffice to say the judges, and contest emcee Bob Cicherillo, a former Mr. USA himself, had their work cut out for them.

In the headliner of the show, Max Charles and Rafael Jamarillo battled it out pose-for-pose for the overall in the men's bodybuilding division. Charles emerged victorious in the super heavyweight class while Jamarillo won the heavyweights, which earned each of them an IFBB pro card. The two bodybuilders exhibited a tremendous amount of muscle mass and great conditioning. Charles had a more impressive upper body and more of a pop to his physique, thanks to his muscle bellies being very full and round. While he does have good development in his legs, he still needs to bring them up to match his upper body. Jamarillo, on the other hand, displayed excellent symmetry and held his own in many of the poses against Charles. But, in the end, the overwhelming mass that Charles possessed was enough to earn him the victory and become the 2013 Mr. USA overall champion.

Although the talent throughout the various bodybuilding weight classes was good, it was not up to par to years prior. This is likely due to the greater number of IFBB pro cards given throughout the year at the various national contests, including the NPC Nationals and NPC North Americans. In the past, only one pro card was awarded to the overall champion in men's bodybuilding at each of the national competitions. That meant the runner-up finisher and the rest of the placements down the list had to continue refining their physiques to make it to the pro bodybuilding ranks. The competition was much fiercer and it took some bodybuilders over a decade competing in the national shows to finally earn pro status. The aforementioned Cicherillo spent 13 years, from 1987 to 200, trying to earn his pro card and he did so at the 2000 NPC USAs. You can bet that victory felt sweet. Cicherillo ended up competing multiple times as a pro and culminated his pro bodybuilding career with a win at the 2006 IFBB Masters Pro World.

Whether or not the large number of pro cards being awarded throughout the year are to blame for the subpar showings at the 2013 NPC USAs is up for debate. However, should this trend continue in future national shows, then the IFBB pro league officials may need to reconsider how many pro cards they award at the competitions.

In addition to Charles and Jamarillo, five other male bodybuilders, Kevin Ofurum, Breon Ansley, Victor Del Camp, Derek Leverant and Richie Langit, earned their pro cards by winning their respective weight classes. As for the women bodybuilders, Margie Martin and Shannon Courtney claimed pro status, with Martin earning the overall title.

The full results from the men's and women's bodybuilding can be found below.

Men's Overall:

1. Max Charles

Men's Super Heavyweight:

1. Max Charles (earned pro card)
2. Eduardo Bracamontes
3. Dusty Hanshaw
4. Blair Mone
5. Jonathan Ward
6. Brandon Lyons
7. Ryan Pateracki
8. Dan Newmire
9. Anthony Tenuta
10. Daniel Massey
11. Michael Sheppard
12. Korbie Nitiforo
13. Thad Coleman
14. Gabriel Moen
15. Sean Mickle
16. Bertrand Brown
16. Lloyd Ligons

Men's Heavyweight:

1. Rafael Jamarillo (earned pro card)
2. Matt Burzacott
3. Ruben Escobar
4. Josh Wade
5. Ransford Jackson
6. Benny Brantley
7. Brad Rowe
8. VC Ballivan
9. TJ Clark
10. Dorian Haywood
11. Shaunte Blakely
12. Derek Upshaw
13. Carl Horst
14. Mickey Hennessee
15. Maurice Pollack
16. Hardeep Kang
16. Kamuela Chun
16. Justin Straub
16. Raymond McLeod
16. Billy Jack Jones
16. Jason Howze
16. Juan Calderon

Men's Light Heavyweight:

1. Kevin Ofurum (earned pro card)
2. Caleb Blanchard
3. Joe Hubbard
4. Thomas Lenihan
5. Addison Alexander
6. Lars Toensing
7. Jerry Jackson
8. Sylvester Cain
9. John Foster
10. Mandeep Singh
11. Lucas Scherer
12. Clayton Johnson
13. Mike Gritti
14. Andrew Mitchell
15. Justin Rayner
16. Bradley Warrington
16. Mark Smith
16. Kenyatta Booth
16. Terrel Bunrige
16. Bryan Vander-Ploeg
16. Justin Walters
16. Jorge Vasquez
16. Ronald Torres
16. Dominic Semenza
16. Patrick Moore
16. Jesus Lopez
16. Karmin Chaar
16. James Cunningham

Men's Middleweight:

1. Breon Ansley (earned pro card)
2. Chuck Williams
3. Robert Wichman
4. Brad Dingle
5. Charles Curtis
6. Santiago Aragon
7. Anthony Marmon
8. Theodore Atkins Jr.
9. Anthony Douglas
10. David Paterick
11. Michael Gracey
12. Blake Courville
13. Matthew Johnson
14. Cesar Martinez
15. James Sledge
16. Juan Terrazas
16. Nuo Sun

Men's Welterweight:

1. Victor Del Campo (earned pro card)
2. Danny Hester
3. Armando Aman
4. Erik Venegas
5. Christopher Juan
6. Thomas Arnone
7. Greg Welch
8. Andrew Vu
9. Kelly Bautista
10. Guillermo Escalante
11. Dustin Demercurio
12. Chad Frenzel
13. Hardy Wood
14. Lazarus Ross
15. David Farhit
16. Larry Akimseu
16. Cory Williams

Men's Lightweight:

1. Derek Leverant (earned pro card)
2. Luis Moreno
3. Martae Ruelas
4. Eric Hernandez
5. Michael Conol
6. Jovann Rushing
7. Mark Sindayen
8. Pablo Ruiz
9. Johnny Traynor
10. Ronald Poe
11. Andrew Saguid
12. Travis Rogers
13. Jerry Foss
14. Ramfis Lam
15. Michael Janson
16. Tommy Shadwick Jr.
16. Chase Peterson
16. John Flores

Men's Bantamweight:

1. Richie Langit (earned pro card)
2. Eric Yamashita
3. Shane Cooper
4. Rafael Campuzano
5. Eric Salazar
6. George Gibson
7. Kaleo Garcia
8. Alejandro Almaguer
9. David Nguyen
10. Chris Cacal
11. Ricky Lam
12. Greg Yoshida
13. Alexander Pavon
14. Kristian Floresca
15. Fred Sampson
16. Larry Luna

Women's Overall:

1. Margie Martin

Women's Heavyweight:

1. Margie Martin (earned pro card)
2. Anne Sheehan
3. Victoria Dominguez
4. Susanna Hand
5. Joella Bernard
6. Nikki Stadleman
7. Karen Choat
8. Jennifer Gutierrez
9. Tarna Alderman
10. Emilie Wicker

Women's Light Heavyweight:

1. Shannon Courtney (earned pro card)
2. Pamela Pease
3. Tram Nguyen

Women's Middleweight:

1. Cassie Bates
2. Jaquita Person-Taylor
3. Laurel Woodbridge
4. Tami Bellon

Women's Lightweight:

1. Patricia Watson
2. Sandie DuBois

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