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2014 WBFF Contest Schedule


The 2014 World Beauty Fitness and Fashion contest calendar features over 20 competitions from around the world, including North America, Europe, Australia and Africa. The organization has been gaining more popularity and more momentum over the years as a result of the effort put forth by WBFF founder Paul Dillett and co. And, thanks to the tremendous growth, 2014 is shaping up to be the WBFF's best year to date.

There are six main divisions that bodybuilders and fitness athletes can compete in. Those divisions are men's bodybuilding, men's muscle model, men's fitness model, diva figure, diva fitness model and diva bikini. Contestants in most of these divisions are not only judged based on their physiques, but also on their marketability and presentation. And, speaking of presentation, contestants are allowed to wear costumes and use props during their routine onstage to try and impress the judges and improve their scores.

All of the hair, makeup and tanning services will be provided by the WBFF. In fact, contestants are required to use these services. The reason for this is to ensure a professional appearance across the board for all of the competitors in all of the divisions.

The WBFF will hold its biggest event of the year, the 2014 WBFF Worlds Las Vegas, on August 15 to 16 at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. This show brings together the organization's top contestants under one roof to determine who is the best in each division. Last year, the winners in the pro divisions were Ignacio Torres (bodybuilding), AJ Ellison (muscle model), Justin Gonzales (fitness model), Monica Brant (diva figure model), Andreia Brazier (diva fitness model) and Lindsay Messina (diva bikini model). With the continually-increasing level of competition in the organization, it will be interesting how mnay of these champions will be able to repeat their success at this year's rendition of the show.

The contest calendar for the 2014 WBFF season is listed below.

1. January

No competitions scheduled.

2. February

No competitions scheduled.

3. March

No competitions scheduled.

4. April

  • April 12 (New South Wales, Australia) - Australia Spectacular
  • April 20 (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) - Montreal Pro Am
  • April 26 (Los Angeles, California) - LA Fitness and Fashion Weekend

5. May

  • May 10 (Snoghoj, Denmark) - Danish Fitness and Fashion Show
  • May 17 (Orlando, Florida) - WBFF Orlando
  • May 24 (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) - Nova Scotia Fitness and Fashion Weekend
  • May 31 (Kansas City, Missouri) - WBFF Central USA

6. June

  • June 1 (London, United Kingdom) - UK Fitness and Model Spectacular
  • June 14 (Sacramento, California) - WBFF Sacramento
  • June 21 (Carnival City, Johannesburg, South Africa) - WBFF South Africa
  • June 28 (Medford, Massachusetts) - Boston Spectacular Fitness and Fashion Weekend

7. July

  • July 5 (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) - WBFF Calgary Alberta
  • July 19 (Denver, Colorado) - Denver Fitness and Fashion Spectacular
  • July 26 (New York, New York) - New York Fitness and Fashion Weekend
  • July 26 (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada) - WBFF Vancouver

8. August

9. September

No competitions scheduled.

10. October

  • October 4 (Midwest City, Oklahoma) - Southwest US Championships
  • October 18 (Los Angeles, California) - LA Fitness and Model Spectacular
  • October 19 (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) - Edmonton Championships

11. November

  • November 8 (Providence, Rhode Island) - New England Spectacular Fitness and Fashion Weekend
  • November 8 (London, United Kingdom) - UK Fitness and Model Spectacular
  • November 15 (Miami, Florida) - WBFF Miami

12. December

  • December 6 (Atlantic City, New Jersey) - Atlantic City Fitness and Fashion Weekend

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