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Benefits of Bodybuilding on Diabetes - Fight Diabetes Using Bodybuilding

Can I Benefit From Bodybuilding If I Have Diabetes?



Many people with the terrible illness of diabetes do not realize how much they can benefit from following a bodybuilding lifestyle. In this article I'll point out what the top benefits are for following a healthy bodybuilding lifestyle if you suffer from diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes comes in two forms:
  • Type 1 Diabetes: With this type, people need to take insulin injections so this is often called "insulin dependent diabetes". Insulin is the hormone responsible for delivering the nutrients (carbs, proteins and fats) into the muscle cells and is essential for energy production from the glucose (carbs) that come from food. The pancreas is the organ responsible for this hormone's production. Unfortunately, Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented as it is a result of an autoimmune reaction that causes the cells in the pancreas to stop working. Typically, this happens on the early ages between 8-12 (though cases have been reported where it happens much later).

  • Type 2 Diabetes: This type requires no need for insulin shots as it is caused by the cells' reduced capability to let insulin in and do its job. This condition is called insulin insensitivity or low insulin sensitivity. When the cells reject the hormone insulin, then not only does the person get lousy energy production but also starts to get fat due to the fact that since the nutrients cannot be delivered to the appropriate tissues, then they just get stored. In addition, once the body notices that the cells are not having adequate insulin uptake, then it starts to increase its insulin production in an attenmpt to compensate. This only worsens the problem as cells become even more resistant and body fat continues to increase from anything that the person eats.

Fight Diabetes Using Bodybuilding

A healthy bodybuilding lifestyle can be a powerful ally in the fight against diabetes. In the next section, I will describe the impact that a bodybuilding lifestyle has on insulin sensitivity and glucose (carbohydrate) utilization and the benefits that these effects bring about.

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