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Bodybuilding for Women: Interview with Natural Female Bodybuilder Cecile Bayeul

Natural Female Bodybuilder Cecile Bayeul


Natural Female Bodybuilder Cecile Bayeul

Natural Female Bodybuilder Cecile Bayeul

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Bodybuilding Supplementation

HR: What supplements do you use and why?

CB: I take a multiple vitamin and mineral formula called GNC Ultra Mega for Women and an immune booster called Transfer Factor from a company called 4life. I also take EFA Lean from Lee Labrada as they supply me with all of the essential fats that the body needs. When I cannot eat one of my meals I may have either a meal replacement like the Lean Pro8 or a protein bar like the cookie roll bar from Labrada or the Protein Burst bar from QNT. I also like the Pure Protein Bars from Worldwide Nutrition. Occasionally, I also love to use a product called PowerCarb which is a special carbohydrate designed to increase energy immediately before the workout and recuperation. I use it sometimes before the workout and other times after it. Prior to the workout I also like to use a Carnitine drink from QNT that supplies me with 1000mg of L-Carninite. I don’t take any supplements with caffeine as I don’t tolerate stimulants well at all.

HR: Finally, what would you recommend to a woman who is looking to simply look good but does not know how to get started?

CB: Start reducing the fats in the diet and introduce good fats into the diet in the form of extra virgin olive oil, for example, and fish oils. Also, to start reducing the sugars in the diet and eat smaller meals more frequently. For most women, have the most amount of carbs in the morning, and then before and after the workouts. Make sure to consume good carbs at these times like oatmeal, rice, even some plain pasta. Do not just go into a diet that is just vegetables and salads but this is not a plan that will work long term. I have seen many girls who just go on a vegetable diet when they want to lose weight and that does not work as the body needs proteins, some starchy carbs and good fats as well in addition to the vegetables. (For more information on diets for those who are just starting out please take a look at the Easing Into a Bodybuilding Diet article.)

As far as weight training, they can start working out with some dumbbells at home using the sort of dumbbell routines found on this website.

HR: In your opinion, what is the most important part to achieving your bodybuilding goals?

CB: The mindset is the most important part to achieving your bodybuilding goals. You need to have the right mindset because without it you will fail. You need to stay positive knowing that you will be able to achieve your goals no matter what and you need to always find a solution for any sort of obstacle that gets in the way.

HR: Anything else you would like to add>

CB: Don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot accomplish. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. Also, stay away from negative people and keep a positive outlook on everything!

HR: Do you have a website where people can find you?

CB: You can find me at my Facebook fan page where I post daily tips for women (and for men too):

Cecile Bayeul's Body Sculpting for Women Fan Page

HR: Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with my female readers and keep inspiring others! I wish you the very best!

CB: Thank you so much for the opportunity!

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