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Tony Little Interview - Bodybuilding Interview of America's Trainer Tony Little

Learn How Bodybuilding Played a Key Role to Helping Tony Little Become a Success


For those of you who are not familiar with "America's Personal Trainer"™, Mr. Tony Little, you are about to discover the incredible story behind a man who in my opinion has one of the most inspirational stories to share. Tony's success proves that if you put your mind to something you can accomplish anything; regardless of any obstacles or how far fetched the goal may seem.

It is because of these reasons that I decided to reach out to Tony Little and ask him if I could have the honor of an interview with him since I wanted to share his story with my readers and also show how his background in bodybuilding has played a key role to his success as a business person and life in general. Tony graciously accepted the invitation and below is the result of this great interview:

Hugo Rivera: Hey good morning, Tony?

Tony Little: Hi Hugo, how are you?

Hugo: Great and you?

Tony: Sorry it took me a little bit -- one meeting ran over I wasn’t expecting.

Hugo: Not a problem I completely understand trust me, I know how that goes.

Tony: Well, sometimes you’re glad the meetings run over because it at least it means you were interesting!

Hugo: Exactly! You know thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview.

Tony: No, I appreciate it.

Hugo: I’m a really huge fan of yours and you’ve been one of my inspirations that has helped me to achieve what I have achieved in the fitness industry so I’m truly honored by you agreeing to do this.

Tony: Looks like you’ve done a lot.

Hugo: Thank you, coming from you that means a lot. Let me see, shall we begin?

Tony: I got thrown off a little bit today, I was up at 4:30 am.

Hugo: Okay

Tony: I got a call last night – so I was on this morning for the Fox Business News Channel, showing them how....was it Geithner who is the Secretary of Treasury?

Hugo: Yes.

Tony: Showing him how to sell.

Hugo: That’s awesome!

Tony: How to sell his proposed financial bill to Capitol Hill.

Hugo: You know what’s funny? I mean, there’s such a stigma that we bodybuilders are kind of like muscle heads and there’s not much that we can do but I think there are many of us out there who completely disproved that stigma you know?

Tony: Oh yeah.

Hugo: I mean there’s you out there, there’s Arnold Schwarzenegger of course, Lee Labrada and I can keep mentioning names you know.

Tony: Yeah, there’s a lot of us.

Hugo: Yeah so thank God for that.

Tony: Yeah, no question.

Hugo: You know a lot of people who have just met you on TV may not know this but you have actually competed in bodybuilding competition quite successfully.

Tony: Yes, in my early years I was very fortunate.

Hugo: You know you were the 1980 Southern State Champion, 81 Mr. Florida and Southern USA Champion and for those people that don’t know the Southern States is a very, very strong competition.

Tony: Just like the Mr. Florida. But the thing too, which a lot of people don’t know -- I think some people know in a couple of articles -- but right after the Southern States and the Florida, I entered the Junior Nationals.

Hugo: Yes.

Tony: I won my class and was one point away from beating Lee.

Hugo: Lee Haney yeah.

Tony: Which was fun, but here’s an interesting story -- we shared the same dressing room, Lee and I did.

Hugo: No way! Can you elaborate on that?

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