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Cardiovascular Exercise - Jump Your Way To A Great Cardiovascular Workout

Introducing a New Way to Making Cardio Fun - Jumping Rope


Man working out with a jump rope
by Anthony Alayon, CFT

Though for some odd reason hardly anybody uses a jump rope for aerobic exercises, I feel that jumping rope is a great way to getting a great cardiovascular exercise workout while enjoying it. In addition, jumping rope can not only help with cardiovascular health, but it also helps to improve coordination and agility. If this exercise is performed frequently, it can also help with muscular endurance. Besides, how many times have you not gone to the gym or performed a morning walk due to bad weather conditions that cannot be controlled? Jumping rope could have been a great alternative in this scenario.

Seven Great Reasons to Use a Jump Rope as a Means of Cardiovascular Exercises

  1. Jump ropes are inexpensive. You can purchase a good quality jump rope for about $20.

  2. Jump ropes are great if you travel and do not have access to a gym. You can carry a jump rope with you just about anywhere since they are so small in size.

  3. Not only can you use a jump rope in a gym, but you can also jump rope indoors, as long as you have enough space to perform a full motion. You can also jump rope outside and at the office on a lunch break.

  4. Jumping rope serves as a nice change for those who have gotten tired of performing the same cardiovascular exercises day in and day out.

  5. Jumping rope is a great way to burn calories. If you were to jump rope for an hour, depending on your metabolism you could burn up to 1000 calories.

  6. Helps to strengthen your entire body. Yes, that is right. Most of the major muscle groups in the upper and lower body will strengthen by jumping rope if performed on a consistent basis.

How to Choose a Good Jump Rope

Choosing a jump rope is easier said than done. First off, I recommend using a jump rope that is leather as it will not depreciate over time like other ropes would. Then, make sure that the handles of the rope are thick and comfortable. Finally perform the following test to ensure adequate rope length:

Hold the handles of the rope in each hand and place your feet in the middle of the rope as it is touching the ground. If the handles are just below your armpits, then you have a good jump rope.

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