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Getting Started - Bodybuilding for Beginners


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Consult Your Doctor And Get A Physical
Athletic Male Picking Up Dumbbells in Gym
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It is always a good idea for a beginner to get a physical before you embark on a bodybuilding program. While this may sound like a cliche, there is a good reason for this:

You ensure that all your systems are in working order. If for instance a test indicates that your kidney function is abnormal, this not only will impair your progress but it may also make it dangerous to consume the amount of protein needed to make gains. For bodybuilding success, one needs a healthy heart, healthy kidneys and a healthy liver. If any of these systems is not working, then not only does this represent a health hazard, but also you won't be able to make the gains that you could. So having said that, good blood work to get done to check these systems is the following:

To check cardiovascular function you need the following tests: Total cholesterol, LDL/HDL, Triglycerides, C-reactive protein, Homocysteine levels.

To check liver function you need: alkaline phosphatase, GGT, SGOT, SGPT

To check kidney function you need: creatinine, BUN, and the creatinine/BUN ratio.

For males, a PSA test is also wise to ensure adequate prostate function.

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