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Bodybuilding System Review: Hypertrophy Max Bodybuilding Program Review

What is Hypertrophy Max?


Bodybuilding System Review: Hypertrophy Max Bodybuilding Program Review

Hypertrophy Max Bodybuilding System

Hypertrophy Max is the most revolutionary natural bodybuilding muscle building and fat loss system I have come across in my 23 years of training.

This system takes the latest and greatest periodization principles and puts them together in a year -long periodized plan that will allow you to grow without plateaus. What excites me the most about Hypertrophy Max is the fact that it can be used by absolute beginners and by the most advanced of us (including myself).

Who Is The System For?

This is a perfect system for any bodybuilder who is looking to have a periodized plan that lasts for a whole year. Beginners and advanced bodybuilders will benefit equally from this.

Also, if you are mainly interested in fat loss, or you are a woman interested in just body sculpting, then this system is for you as well as it can easily be adapted to achieve the most dramatic fat loss / body sculpting results ever.

Why Do I Believe In It?

I have discussed with the authors (Ben Pakulski and Vince DelMonte) at great lengths the periodized plan and with all of my own knowledge of periodization I can tell you that this system will even take me to another level.

Thus, if you are just getting started, or are an intermediate bodybuilder you will grow from this! And if you are an advanced bodybuilder then this system presents for you a great plan to get your body to the next level.

And by the way, know that Ben and Vince even had Charles Poliquin (who is in my opinion one of the world’s top periodization coaches) consult them on how to put the plan together!

Here is a sneak peak of how the 12 month workout model looks like:

Phase 3 – MAX-LACTIC
Phase 4 – MAX-VOLUME

Then we move onto six months of specialization workouts for faster gains for slow-to-grow body parts:

Phase 7 – MAX-PECS
Phase 8 – MAX-BACK
Phase 9 – MAX-DELTS
Phase 10 – MAX-GLUTES & HAMS
Phase 11 – MAX-ARMS & ABS

How Is The Information Delivered?

The information is delivered on a monthly package that you get in the mail (this is not an e-book). (NOTE: Ben and Vince are going to ship this worldwide so country is not an issue). Every month you will get the following items:


Every month you get:

  • Exact Routine for the Month: Every month you get exactly what your training looks like in addition to getting a DVD that shows you all of the techniques that you need to know for that month's workout and how to execute all of the exercises as well.

  • Bodybuilding diet and supplementation information is covered each month as well

  • 90 Minute Elite Coaching Call: At the start of each month, all Hypertrophy M.A.X. members will be invited to a private, closed-door, elite coaching call with both coaches on the phone.

  • DVDs With Bodybuilding Expert Interviews: interviews with the authors' coaches and mentors! You will be able to have access to some of the top minds in the world of athletics, muscle building, and performance. Usually, an hour of time with these experts would cost hundreds of dollars so the information provided here is valuable!

  • Getting to Know Your Coach Hardcopy DVD: Exclusive footage from the life of Ben and Vince with segments of their daily life. No better way to get to know the mindset of someone than to follow them around on a daily basis.

  • Private Members Forum: The forum will be the “home” where you could get your physique assessed, start a training journal, post your progress pictures, ask questions about the current phase and get unlimited access to your coaches! Plus, they’ll invite a few of their special friends and colleagues (me included) so you can get “access” to their own personal network of experts as well.

  • Cost: The system is not cheap. Now, at the end of the day, just to hire an average trainer that does not have even 10% of the knowledge that you will get here (and I say this with confidence as I have traveled the whole world doing seminars to trainers) you are looking to pay at least $75 per 1-hr session. At 3 sessions per week of average workouts you will pay $225 per week or $900 per month! And that is just for the gym workouts as usually, average trainers DO NOT provide you with the diet that you need (and if they do it is nothing like this one). Therefore, when you look at everything that they are offering and the fact that the system takes all of your guesswork away for a full year and provides you with information that would cost you thousands if you paid the experts that have it, then the price of $497 makes sense. The authors are also giving away other bonuses as well in order to add value to the program.

    In addition, if you can't pay the full $497, they have another option for you: Month to Month. For the first month, you pay the price that you feel is fair (crazy I know). Then on the second month they will bill you $97.00 every month for the next 11 months unless you choose to cancel. Obviously, the absolute best value here is to be able to pay the $497,

  • Not available anywhere else except for their site: www.max-hypertrophy.com.

Where to Get It

Website: www.max-hypertrophy.com.

Bottom Line

If you are not serious about bodybuilding, then my suggestion is to pass on this system as it will only work for those who are extremely serious and dedicated to their workouts and nutrition plans. However, if you are super serious about bodybuilding and are looking to work hard and take your body to the next level, then investing in this system is a great idea!

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