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Maximize Bodybuilding Gains Using Fibers in Your Bodybuilding Diet

by Anthony Alayon, CFT


Fitness Expert Anthony Alayon

Fitness Expert Anthony Alayon

Popular bodybuilding information today such as magazines neglect to talk about fibers. They are more concerned with the three macronutrients (proteins, carbs and fats) when it comes to eating the right foods and helping you achieve your bodybuilding goals. Although not as important as macronutrients, fiber can still play a key role in your success.

Below is a list of 5 benefits about fibers and what they can do for you.

1. Fiber Helps with Absorption

In order to make the most of your bodybuilding goals you should know by now that it is important to stay as anabolic as possible. Fiber allows your body to stay anabolic as it helps to move food throughout your intestines. By eating fiber, it will allow your body to absorb more of the macronutrients which is vital for muscle growth.

2. Fiber Helps To Prevent Overeating As many of you may know by now, eating foods with fiber in them such as green beans, broccoli or any other fibrous carbohydrates do not have that many calories in them. Your main source of calories (what are they, 4,4,9) comes from carbohydrates which is not very high. (to learn more about carbohydrates and how they effect you, check out the glycemic index article for more information) However, these foods that are high in fiber do indeed make you feel fuller. The reason for this is because of a hormone known as cholecystokinin. Cholecystokinin is a hormone found in your intestines that when released sends a message to your brain allowing it to feel as if you have been fed. I have used this tactics for my evening meals and it has definitely helped me from overeating or attacking the kitchen for a late night snack.

3. Avoid Fibers In Your Post-Workout Meals

Fiber should be avoided after a workout because of its effects on the body. Fiber will cause you to slowly absorb foods and any nutrients consumed after a workout which is the opposite of what you want. After a post-workout meal your insulin is sensitive and can absorb nutrients at a fast pace. There is no need to slow this process down as this is a crucial part of achieving your bodybuilding goals.

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