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Bodybuilding Workouts - Buns and Thigh Specialization Workout Routines for Women

Marcy Porter's Buns and Thighs Specialization Workout Routines


IFBB Figure Pro Marcy Porter

IFBB Figure Pro Marcy Porter

Buns and Thighs are one of those areas where we women store the most body fat. The key to losing body fat in these spots is to combine a solid weight training workout routine with cardiovascular exercise and a balanced diet plan.

The weight training will nicely shape up the muscles underneath not only giving you a nice sexy contour in those areas but also increasing your metabolism as muscle burns calories. The metabolic increase will help you with the fat burning process.

The cardiovascular exercise will be the way in which extra calories are burned. In order to lose body fat one needs to create a slight caloric deficit where more calories are burned than what you take in on a given day. So, if for instance, you consume 1300 calories but burn 1500, you are creating a caloric deficit of 200 calories which will force your body to burn body fat. Provided that your macronutrient ratios of carbohydrates, proteins and fats are in order you will keep the muscle as body fat is getting burned, which will ultimately give you the fat free toned and firm look that you want.

Note: For more information on diet plans please take a look at Hugo Rivera's article on Sample Bodybuilding Diet Plans.

Buns and Thighs Workouts

Now that we have talked about the strategy we will use to get your buns and thighs in shape, let's take a look at the weight training workout routines that you will be using. I will present four routines based on your level of training experience.

If you have been training for less than 6 months then please start with the beginner's buns and thighs workout. If you have been training for more than 6 months but less than a year then please use the intermediate workout. For those of you with over a year of experience you can try the advanced workout. For those of you who want to really challenge yourselves and have been training for over a year and a half consistently then you can try one of my own personal workouts.

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