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Bodybuilding for Women: Cecile Bayeul's Arm Workout Routines

Get Your Arms in Shape With These Bodybuilding Arm Workouts


Female Bodybuilder Cecile Bayeul

Beautiful Natural Female Bodybuilding Champion

Cecile Bayeul
The arms is another area where women tend to store bodyfat; especially in the triceps area. Once again, bodybuilding offers a great way to tone the arms and avoid having those dreaded flabby triceps.

Keep in mind that bodybuilding training will not give you a manly looking physique unless you are taking anabolic steroids. Us women simply do not produce the amount of testosterone necessary to make us look masculine. Thus, there is no need to worry about getting too big by accident. This will simply not happen.

Back to our subject of getting the arms in shape, the best way to do this is to use bodybuilding. As you may remember bodybuilding combines weight training with cardiovascular exercise and a proper diet in order to increase the muscle while burning the body fat. Increasing muscle accomplishes two things:

1) It increases your metabolism (ability to burn calories) permanently since the more muscle you have, the more calories your body needs to use every day in order to live.

2) It hardens and shapes the area trained giving you the nice and toned arms that you are looking for.

Just doing cardiovascular exercise, as many women do, burns calories (something that will help you to lose weight if you are following the right diet) but does nothing to shape your arms or increase your metabolism permanently. In addition, an aerobics only exercise program will result also in loss of muscle tissue which will leave you looking flabby at the end. Again, if you want to re-shape your arms, or any other body part for that matter, you need to combine bodybuilding training with weights, cardiovascular exercise and the right bodybuilding diet. With that being said, I will go ahead and share my arm workout routine.

Cecile Bayeul's 50 Minute Bodybuilding Workout Routines for Arms

Obviously, every training program should be personalized and adapted to your body. Thus, I will provide you with some guidelines to follow in order to get the best bodybuilding results:

1) Choose a weight that allows you to reach failure within the amount of prescribed repetitions.

2) Rest enough time in between sets (60-90 seconds) to catch your breath and then move quickly to the next one. When you are done with all of the sets of one exercise, you can rest 2-3 minutes before moving to the following exercise.

3) For those who are just getting started, you should do no more that 2 or 3 sets, and rest longer between each set until you catch your breath.

4) I include the weights that I use just because I want to give you a clear snapshot of what is on my training journal. However, remember to choose a weight that allows you to do the repetitions that I recommend.


4 sets of superset dumbbells curls and hammer curls: 10 reps each with 8 kgs dumbbells (17 lbs) rest 2 min before moving to the next exercise
4 sets of superset incline dumbbells curls and incline hammer curls: 10 reps each with 8 kgs dumbbells (17 lbs)
rest 2 min before moving to the next exercise
4 sets of superset concentration curls: 10 reps each with 8 kgs dumbbells (17 lbs) without rest between
rest 2 min before moving to the next exercise
4 sets of cable curls: 10 reps with 35 kgs (77 lbs)


4 sets of superset tricep kick back and body weight triceps extensions: 20 reps with 8 kgs dumbbells (17 lbs) and 15 reps with bodyweight
rest 2 min before moving to the next exercise
4 sets of superset lying straight bar triceps extension and close grip bench press: 10 reps each with 14 kgs (30 lbs)
rest 2 min before moving to the next exercise
Overhead dumbbells tricep extension: 15 reps with 8 kgs dumbbells (17 lbs)
rest 2 min before moving to the next exercise
crescendo triceps dips: 15, 20, 25, 30 reps with bodyweight + 20 kilos (44 lbs) on top of your legs

Remember to Follow Your Diet

Like I said, remember that even though you have the right bodybuilding routines now, you also need to follow the proper diet in order to feed your muscle and starve the fat. Follow a program like the following in order to lose the fat and shape your legs:

Diets for Fat Loss

Don't Forget Your Cardiovascular Exercise

Remember that cardiovascular exercise is also an important part of the program. Do at least 3 sessions of 20-30 minute cardiovascular workouts a week either first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or right after the workouts. For more information on cardiovascular exercise, please take a look at the cardiovascular exercise page.

As you can see, I like to do my cardio first thing in the morning and my weights later on at night. However, if you cannot do this, you can do the cardio right after the workout.


Well, there you have it. Follow these bodybuilding routines, mix them with a good diet and cardiovascular exercise and you will get the lean and toned arms that you are looking for.

About the Author

Cecile Bayeul was born in France in 1982 in a firefighter family. She wanted to become a firefighter and passed the tough professional firefighter tests which included various physically demanding feats. However, she decided to keep a more peaceful job (as her family wanted her to) so she became a nurse.

As a registered nurse she ended up studying various diet protocols for patients with special nutritional requirements due to their sicknesses.

In order to relieve stress from her job and to heal from an anorexia caused by a difficult divorce she picked up natural bodybuilding. Through bodybuilding she learned to regain her confidence and to be happy with her body.

Her passion for fitness led her to start conducting personal training not only for women but for men as well. She teaches that by embarking into a fitness program you can achieve any body that you want; something that builds up faith in oneself and develops the valuable skill of goal setting; things that at the end of the day improve every single aspect of your life!

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