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Women's Bodybuilding Training - Bodybuilding Fat Loss Tips for Women

Lose Fat With IFBB Figure Pro Pauline Nordin


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Everyone knows what to do to lose fat, right? Then how come so few reach their goals and achieve that lean look if it's so damn easy to get ripped?

I could tell you the very same things as everybody else does, but I definitely won't. It's not only about the perfect diet plan and the right amount of exercise, the best supplements and so on; the most important part of a fat-loss strategy is your mental approach to it.

That's what I'm going to tell you about. Basically, what you've got to do is stick to your plan. Period.

First, let's suppose you do the following things already:
  • You do at least 6 cardio workouts of 40-60 minutes per week, preferably pre-breakfast.

  • You eat 5-8 small meals per day, emphasizing proteins, healthy fats and vegetables.

  • You don't skip on the carbs post-workout. (Take in 0.5 gram per pound of bodyweight)

  • You get at least 6 hours of sleep almost every night.
If those are in order, you can get better results using the following tips:

Fat Loss Tip #1: Getting Through The Hardest Of Times
Some days are tougher than others, especially when it's about dieting. I'm talking about those annoying moments when you ask yourself over and over again why you're doing all the cardio and for what?! You feel so sorry for yourself, thinking everyone else is better off, you're watching all 'normal' people eating ice cream every other hour, and you wish so much you were one of those lucky souls. What you must do is to motivate yourself to stick to your plan with whatever means you can use. The photo at the right is what motivates me.

Most chicks would kill for a gorgeous, fit body like this, but they believe a walk in the park will do the trick. Even if you told them it's a bit harder, they wouldn't believe you, since they don't want to face the truth.

Fat Loss Tip #2: You Never Diet, You Follow A Perfect Diet Plan
When I need to drop a couple of pounds, I never say I'm dieting; the mere word 'dieting' gives me the worst cravings imaginable! I just want to run to the supermarket, buying chocolate, fish sticks and other fattening stuff. I tell myself that I'm allowed to eat whatever I like, including ice cream and candy. And lots of it too. But, I must stand the consequences if I'm going to eat like a starving horse. I know that by falling for the temptation will make me fat and puts me farther away from my dream body. Then, I also take into account how satisfied I will be after eating the chocolate and fish sticks. I know it won't be for long, maybe only for a couple of hours before I start to regret it. And then it's already too late; I have just annihilated ten hours of cardio for what; a bit of chocolate?

Fat Loss Tip #3: Show It Off
There's nothing as pleasant as watching your muscles pump up during a workout session, so don't always wear your whole wardrobe at the same time; let yourself see the pay off in the gym's mirrors and you'll feel so much stronger.

Don't care about jealous people who blame you for just showing off. If they cannot stand perceiving a great physique, they probably have some major psychological problems to solve. You must get used to those pessimistic people who hate everybody who more resembles their ideal physique than they do themselves.

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