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Bodybuilding: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
7 Diet Tips for Serious Bodybuilders
Use these seven simple bodybuilding diet tips to lose fat and uncover muscle. These tactics can help you to get cut and ripped as quick as possible.
A List of Every Mr. Olympia Winner
A list of every winner of the Mr. Olympia competition.
Feed Your Muscles: A Sample Bodybuilding Diet
These sample bodybuilding diets for men and for women will assist you to lose body fat and in building lean muscle mass. Diet right to lose fat.
Bodybuilding FAQ - Should I Drop Carbs From the...
In this Bodybuilding FAQ learn whether eliminating carbs from the bodybuilding diet during a fat burning phase is the best way to reach the goal of losing fat.
Get Big, Not Fat: Clean Bulking for the Natural...
How to bulk up right so you gain muscle without also gaining too much fat. Learn how to add muscle and minimize fat with this diet and workout plan.
The 5 Best Core Exercises
Learn which five core exercises are best for building your rectus abdominis, oblique and erector spinae muscles.
What Are Supersets in Bodybuilding?
Learn what supersets are and how they can enhance your bodybuilding progress.
The Eight Mandatory Poses in Bodybuilding
Learn which eight poses are required during bodybuilding competitions.
How Bodybuilders Get Bigger While Losing Fat
Is it possible to lose fat and gain muscle mass at the same time? This FAQ addresses this age old question and provides a method for accomplishing both over a period of time.
These Short Bodybuilding Workouts Fit in Almost...
In this article, Hugo Rivera presents a couple of short bodybuilding workouts that you can squeeze into your tight schedule.
How to Know if You're a Bodybuilding Hardgainer
Are you really a hardgainer? Are you an ectomorph? Learn what a true hardgainer is in and how you should adjust your bodybuilding diet and training if you really are a hardgainer.
Bodybuilding Advice For Women: Using Bodybuildi...
In this article, IFBB Figure Pro and fitness expert Mercedes Khani shows you how any woman can use bodybuilding principles to lose fat and tone up.
Tips to Help You Lose Fat while Bodybuilding
In this article, learn the eight rules to fat loss and also how to implement simple bodybuilding principles that will help you to lose tons of fat in record time.
How Creatine Helps Bodybuilders Gain Lean...
Gain lean muscle mass with creatine and learn about creatine monohydrate and how creatine can help you gain lean muscle mass.
How to Choose the Best Bodybuilding Protein...
In this article you will learn about the different protein supplements on the market and which ones to choose so that they can help you to achieve your individual bodybuilding and fitness goals.
Bodybuilding Training Splits - Bodybuilding...
In this bodybuilding article from IFBB Bodybuilding legend Lee Labrada you will learn what a bodybuilding training split is and the different ways in which you can split your body parts.
How to Fix Disproportionate Muscle Growth in...
Learn what may cause uneven and disproportionate muscle growth and how to deal with it. Sample routines for fixing and uneven chest and shoulders are provided.
Burn Fat Fast: 5 Fat Burning Foods That Will...
Learning which foods accelerate your metabolism can be a challenge for many. Anthony Alayon makes this much easier by revealing his top 5 fat burning foods that will increase your metabolism and incinerate your belly fat!
A Beginner's Guide to Getting Started in...
If you are an absolute beginner and have never done a bodybuilding program before, learn what steps you need to take in order to get started in your path to gaining more lean muscle mass and losing bodyfat.
Why Working 1 Muscle Group a Day is Best for...
In this bodybuilding workout split, the body is divided over six days and one major muscle group is targeted in each bodybuilding workout.
10 Biggest Mistakes Teen and Beginning...
Teenage bodybuilders often make these 10 common mistakes in their early bodybuilding years. Avoid them to get on the fast track to great results.
Top Bodyweight Exercises for Your Torso
There are many bodyweight exercises that you can perform, but only a select few stand above the rest.
Is It Possible To Build Good Muscle Size...
Is it possible to get good size without steroids? This FAQ will give you the surprising answer to that question.
What's the Best Way for Bodybuilders to Get...
This Abdominals Bodybuilding Training Guide contains everything that you need to know regarding abdominal training and how to get them defined.
Effective Nutrition Programs for Bodybuilders
Learn about bodybuilding nutrition and how taking the right types, and amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats will accelerate your bodybuilding progress tenfold.
Why Do Bodybuilders Need Healthy Testosterone...
In this article you will learn what is testosterone, why you need healthy levels of it and what to do if your levels are deficient.
How Diet Can Help Bodybuilders Lose Fat and...
This article provides all of the information that you need on bodybuilding diets as well as examples of the several different diets that bodybuilders do depending on whether their main goal is losing fat or bulking up.
4 Steps for a Short but Effective Workout for...
Try this short but highly effective bodybuilding leg training routine to achieve maximum results while minimizing your time at the gym.
Teenage Bodybuilding - Bodybuilding Workout...
Sample bodybuilding workout routines for teens.
How Can I Lose Fat on the Chest and Increase...
In this bodybuilding FAQ you will learn how you can lose fat under the chest and increase your bench press at the same time.
Should Bodybuilders Exercise When They're Sick?
Training While Sick - To train or not to train? That is the question that comes to mind when a bodybuilder gets sick. Learn how to determine if you are better served by staying home and recuperating or by going to the gym and having a lighter workout.
One Major Muscle With Two Smaller Muscle Groups...
In this bodybuilding workout split, the body is divided over three days and one major muscle group (such as the chest, thighs and back) is paired together with two smaller muscle groups (such as biceps, triceps, hamstrings, calves, abs and shoulders) in each bodybuilding workout.
2015 Mr. Olympia: Men's Open Bodybuilding Results
The full results of the men's open bodybuilding division at the 2015 Mr. Olympia are contained herein.
How to Work Opposing Muscle Groups In a...
In this bodybuilding workout split, the body is divided over three or four days and antagonistic muscles (opposing muscle groups), are paired together in each bodybuilding workout.
Increase Lean Muscle Mass With the 10 Sets of...
Break through plateaus and gain new muscle mass weight by using the high volume 10 Sets of 10 Reps bodybuilding training method.
Does Boosting Your Testosterone Levels Increase...
Testosterone Boosting Bodybuilding Supplements - Learn how some bodybuilding supplements may help you increase your lean muscle mass by boosting your testosterone levels.
Bodybuilding Training Splits-Bodybuilding...
In this bodybuilding article from IFBB Bodybuilding legend Lee Labrada discusses the various options for workout splits and training frequency.
10 Training Secrets for Massive Muscles
Learn 10 bodybuilding training secrets that will allow you to skyrocket your bodybuilding gains and build massive muscle mass. Page one of two.
What Is a Good Protein Source for Bodybuilders?
Learn the truth about the value of using bodybuilding supplements and which ones bodybuilding supplements are essential to make the best lean muscle mass gains and achieve the most fat loss out of your bodybuilding supplement program.
30 Minute Bodybuilding Specialization Workout...
Learn a 30 minute chest specializatio workout routine guaranteed to stimulate your chest muscle fibers into growth.
7 Myths About Women's Weight Training and...
7 Myths of Women's Weight Training - Separate fact from fiction in women's weight training and female bodybuilding myths.
Tips for Your Pre-Contest Bodybuilding...
This bodybuilding pre-contest training depletion routine is designed to assist the carbohydrate depletion process that competitive bodybuilders undergo a week before a contest.
Bodybuilding FAQ - How Should Bodybuilders That...
In this Bodybuilding FAQ, learn what training modifications bodybuilders that are over 40 years old should be aware of.
Creatine Monohydrate: An Effective and Safe...
Creatine monohydrate is one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements. Learn why this supplement ranks atop the rest.
Bodybuilding Myths Debunked: How To Lose...
Natural bodybuilder Tom Venuto reveals how to lose stubborn body fat and achieve any body fat percentage that you desire.
2 Sample Diets for Bodybuilders to Gain Muscle...
In this article, you will find two sample bodybuilding weight gain diets designed to pack on muscle on people with fast metabolisms such as hardgainers.
Characteristics of a Good Bodybuilding Training...
Lose bodyfat and gain muscle using these bodybuilding weight training routines.
Bodybuilding FAQ - Is Bodybuilding a Real Sport...
In this Bodybuilding FAQ, Lee Labrada discusses his thoughts on whether people who practice bodybuilding are athletes or not.
Every Ms. Olympia Winner
A list of every winner of the Ms. Olympia women's bodybuilding competition.
Essential Shoulder Anatomy For Bodybuilders
A guide to shoulder anatomy for beginning bodybuilders.
Mass Building Training Tips for Bodybuilders
In this bodybuilding training article you will learn what are the mass building training principles that hardgainers need to follow in order to get results out of their bodybuilding training routines. Note: Sample bodybuilding training routine for hardgainers is included.
How to Use Lower Volume Training to Increase...
Break through plateaus and gain new muscle mass weight by using the lower volume 5 Sets of 5 Reps bodybuilding training method.
How to Bulk Up Without Getting Fat
Learn a rare bodybuilding technique used to bulk up quickly without gaining fat.
Best Bodybuilding Pre-Workout Supplements
Part one of the best bodybuilding pre-workout ingredients.
Olympic Weightlifting - Rules & Judging For...
Learn about the rules for Olympic Weightlifting.
Best Bodybuilding Supplements for Gaining Weight
In this article we present the top bodybuilding supplements that are useful to those of you who are attempting to gain weight and bulk up.
How to Train for a More Complete Back
Learn how to properly train your back with muscle-specific exercises and two workout programs.
The Five Best Upper Chest Exercises
The five best exercises for building the mass of the upper chest.
Bodybuilding Diet Advice - The Difference...
In this bodybuilding diet article, you will learn the difference between weight loss and fat loss for bodybuilding.
Bodybuilding Nutrition - Easing Into A...
This article will assist you to ease into a bodybuilding diet designed for building lean muscle mass and losing bodyfat.
10 Tips to Make a Better Protein Shake
10 tips to make a better protein shake. Use these hacks to fix typical problems with your shakes and improve their taste, texture and flavor.
How Does the 10 x 10 Workout Routine Work and...
In this bodybuilding FAQ learn how the 10 sets of 10 reps workout routine works and if it is good or not for a competitive figure athlete.
Healthy Eating: How to make your own protein...
Looking for the recipe to make your own protein nutrition bars?
Bodybuilding Myths: Don't Believe in Stubborn...
Natural bodybuilder Tom Venuto reveals the truth about stubborn body fat and covers whether this is a fact or a bodybuilding myth. Page 2.
How Bodybuilders Stimulate New Gains in Size...
See what an advanced bodybuilding workout routine that uses periodization in order to stimulate new gains in lean muscle mass, size and strength while losing bodyfat looks like.
Gain Muscle and Lose Fat With This Bodybuilding...
A resource guide of training routines, diet plans, and advice on supplements to help accomplish your bodybuilding goals.
Best Exercises for Building Muscle
Find out which ones are the top bodybuilding bodyweight exercises for muscle building.
How to Buy and Prepare Turkey Breast and Save...
Buy and freeze turkey breasts during the holiday season to freeze and save for months. Use this great lean protein cheaply to fuel your workouts.
Which One Is The Best Bodybuilding Routine To...
This bodybuilding FAQ will answer the very commonly asked question of which bodybuilding routine to use in order to make the fastest muscle mass gains possible.
Musclemania Through the Years - A List of Every...
A list of all the winners of the Musclemania competition.
A List of Every Arnold Classic Winner
A list of every men's bodybuilding winner of the Arnold Classic USA, Europe and Brazil competitions.
How to Workout Your Abs With Leg Raises
This abdominals exercise description shows how to properly exercise your lower abdominal wall through the use of leg raises.
Bodybuilding Advice for Joint Health
In this bodybuilding article you will learn multiple ways of protecting your joints so that you can avoid injuries and joint pains later on in your bodybuilding journey.
Basic Aerobics for Bodybuilders to Lose Fat
Discover how to use cardiovascular exercise to accelerate fat loss without losing lean muscle mass.
Bodybuilding FAQ - Does More Time In The Gym...
This bodybuilding FAQ answers whether more time spent weight training at the gym translates into more bodybuilding gains.
Bodybuilding Advice: The Facts About Your...
In this bodybuilding article, industry expert Will Brink discusses how to optimize hormone levels.
Is a High Protein Bodybuilding Diet Damaging to...
Is eating a high protein bodybuilding diet damaging to your kidney health? A look at studies that allay the fears, with cautions for those at risk.
Deltoid Destruction: How to Build Bigger Delts
Find out how to gain mass in your deltoids.
A 7-Minute Home Dumbbell Chest Workout for...
A routine to train your chest with some dumbbells from the comfort of your home in only 7 minutes.
The Best Bodybuilding Exercises: Brachialis Curls
An explanation of the brachialis curl exercise.
Figure Contest Diet Plan
In this article, exercise scientist and fitness expert Diana Sadtler details what the key ingredients are to not only doing a figure competition, but to achieving any fitness goals. She also presents her training and nutrition program in preparation for her first figure competition. Page 3.
Bodybuilding Techniques for Getting A Flat...
In this bodybuilding article, registered nurse, fitness model and natural female bodybuilder Cecile Bayeul shows you how to get a flat stomach and abs.
Supplement Battle: Citrulline Malate vs. Arginine
Learn whether citrulline malate or arginine is a more effective supplement.
Bodybuilding FAQ - What Are The Best Bodybuildi...
This FAQ answers which bodybuilding supplements are best suited for teenage bodybuilders.
Bodybuilding Biceps Workout for Shocking the...
If you want to take your biceps workout to a new level, take a look at this bodybuilding biceps workout which was designed for shocking the biceps muscles into growth.
Teenage Bodybuilding - Bodybuilding Supplements...
Learn what are the best bodybuilding supplements for teens interested in maximizing their bodybuilding gains.
Does Bodybuilding and Lifting Weights Stunt...
Find out why lifting weights, bodybuilding, or strength training cannot stunt your growth
Bodybuilding Training Routine: 25-Minute Biceps...
In this bodybuilding training routine article you will learn about a bodybuilding training routine that allows you to train your biceps and triceps in 25 minutes!
How to Start a Bodybuilding Program at Home
Registered nurse and natural female bodybuilder Cecile Bayeul shares how to get your bodybuilding and fitness program started training at home.
Short and Intense Bodybuilding Workouts for the...
Learn how to grow your legs with these short and intense bodybuilding workouts. Use these two phases of workouts at home or at the gym to build legs
The Best Supplements to Enhance Performance...
A list of the best performance-enhancing supplements.
Benefits of Bodybuilding on Diabetes - Fight...
Learn about the several benefits that following the bodybuilding lifestyle offers to people with diabetes. Page 2.
Bodybuilding FAQ - To Train or Not To Train...
In this Bodybuilding FAQ you will learn how to determine whether to perform your bodybuilding training or not when you are feeling tired.
Dexter Jackson - Most Decorated Bodybuilder?
Learn why Dexter. Bodybuilding.
Bodybuilding FAQ: Which Foods Should Be Avoided...
In this bodybuilding FAQ you will learn which foods should be avoided in order to lose weight and what exercise is best in order to lose belly fat.
5 Common Dieting Mistakes Bodybuilders Make
In the quest for bodybuilding dieting results, sometimes bodybuilders become victims to many common pitfalls that instead of helping you get leaner and lose more body fat will hold you back and make you lose muscle. In this article, IFBB Figure Pro Pauline Nordin shares her not to do list for achieving definition and losing body fat as quickly as possible. Page 2.
Bodybuilding Success And What To Take In Order...
Is bodybuilding success determined by a special bodybuilding supplement stack or are there more important factors involved in the creation of muscle mass and definition?
Figure Contest Weight Training Program
In this article, exercise scientist and fitness expert Diana Sadtler details what the key ingredients are to not only doing a figure competition, but to achieving any fitness goals. She also presents her training and nutrition program in preparation for her first figure competition. Page 2.
The 5 Best Shoulder Exercises
Learn which five shoulder exercises are best for building muscle mass in your deltoids and upper trapezius.
What Exercise Burns More Body Fat: Bodybuilding...
Is cardiovascular exercise really the best exercise to burn fat? Find out by taking a look at this bodybuilding FAQ.
How to Double Your Muscle Gains in Bodybuilding
IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski shares with us a simple bodybuilding technique of intention that will double your gains at the gym and protect you from injury!
Common Bodybuilding Mistakes That Prevent...
Lee Labrada shares 2 mistakes that you can eliminate in order to double your bodybuilding gains from your workouts.
Advanced Arms Training: Part 2 - Brachialis and...
Part two of the advanced bodybuilding training series for the biceps, brachialis and brachioradialis.
Facts About Whey Protein For Bodybuilding
Introduction to the science of this popular complex protein,which has become a staple supplement for most bodybuilders. Dispelling the myths.
Bodybuilding Advice - Types of Muscle Soreness...
In this article you will learn about the different types of muscle soreness caused by bodybuilding training and about techniques to recover quicker.
How to Get Rock Hard Abs With 10-Minute...
Learn how to get great abs with just 10 minutes of ab training per day.
Bodybuilding Workout Techniques and Exercises...
If you want to take your triceps workout to a new level, take a look at this bodybuilding triceps workout which was designed for shocking the triceps muscles into growth.
The Importance of Fats and Basic Bodybuilding...
Registered Nurse and trainer Cecile Bayeul talks about the importance of fats in a bodybuilding diet as well as what are the basic rules for creating a fat loss diet.
Exercise Chest With Incline Dumbbell Press:...
This chest exercise description shows you how to properly perform the incline dumbbell press exercise which emphasizes the upper chest.
Great Bodybuilding Training Routines for Your...
In this article, I will discuss how you can set up different bodybuilding workout routines at home by using just a weight bench with a good leg extension/leg curl attachment and a pair of adjustable dumbbells.
Bodybuilding Nutrition - Sample Ovo Lacto...
This sample bodybuilding diet will assist ovo lacto vegetarians to lose bodyfat and in building lean muscle mass. Page 1 - sample diet for men.
Pull-Up Bar Training
Pull-up bars are a versatile piece of exercise equipment that you can use to work out your upper body, core and even your lower body, to a certain extent.
Shape Those Legs With Cecile Bayeul's...
Female natural bodybuilder Cecile Bayeul shares her championship leg workout routines which are useful for both women and men alike.
Why Did My Weight Loss Stop after Adding...
If you add bodybuilding workouts to your weight loss program you may stop losing weight. Learn why this is not a bad thing and what is happening.
4 Fat Loss Tips for Women's Bodybuilders
Everyone knows what to do to lose fat, right? If so, then how come so few reach their goals and achieve that lean look if it's so easy to get ripped? In this article, Bodybuilding Fat Loss Tips for Women, IFBB Figure Pro Pauline Nordin shares her bodybuilding secrets with other women on how to lose fat and achieve that sexy looking physique that you are looking for.
Are Protein Shakes More Important Than Real...
In this bodybuilding FAQ learn about how important protein shakes are for a bodybuilding diet.
Avoid Losing Muscle During a Bodybuilding...
Lee Labrada teaches you simple ways to avoid losing muscle during a fat loss phase or during a bodybuilding competition diet.
What Bodybuilders Need to Know About Glutamine
L-Glutamine Basics - Preserve Lean Muscle Mass With Glutamine - Learn how L-Glutamine can help you to preserve lean muscle mass during intense training periods.
Bodybuilding for Women: Cecile Bayeul's Arm...
Female natural bodybuilder Cecile Bayeul shares her championship arm workout routines which are useful for both women and men alike.
Unique Abdominal Exercises for the New Year
What better way to start off the new year than by trying out unique abdominal exercises. These exercises will help you take your core strength to the next level.
The Basics of Bodybuilding Symmetry, Part II
Natural bodybuilder Tom Venuto talks about techniques to attain bodybuilding symmetry in order to make you look much bigger than what you are.
Beginner Core Training Exercises
Learn how to perform beginner core exercises.
What Is The Best Type Cardiovascular Exercise...
There are so many cardiovascular exercise machines in the gym that sometimes it can be overwhelming for the beginning bodybuilder to know which one to use. In this FAQ, I provide some guidelines as to how to choose the best cardiovascular machine for the fastest results in terms of losing fat weight.
Anaerobic Exercise Definition
Anaerobic Exercise Definition. Bodybuilding.
Exercise Legs Using Extensions: Quadriceps...
This quadriceps exercise shows how to properly perform leg extensions with emphasis on stimulating the quads (front of the legs).
Vyotech's Nitrobolic Extreme Pre-Workout...
Bodybuilding Supplements Review: Vyotech's Nitrobolic Extreme Supplement Review
2015 IFBB Contest Schedule
Here is the 2015 IFBB contest calendar.
How to Lose Body Fat and Gain Muscle Tissue
Bodybuilding Legend Lee Labrada discusses the importance of eating a good bodybuilding diet in order to see bodybuilding results. A good bodybuilding and fitness diet is the key to getting into shape.
Fitness Tips For Avoiding the Holiday Weight Gain
In this article, fitness expert and figure competitor Heather Wojdyla shares her tips for avoiding the typical Holiday Weight Gain.
Bodybuilding Product Review - PowerBlock...
In this bodybuilding product review learn about how PowerBlocks can offer a great dumbbell solution for your home gym.
Bodybuilding FAQ on Weight Loss: Can I Use...
Learn how to apply bodybuilding principles when the main goal is weight loss and when you have a lot of pounds to lose.
Advice For College Campus Bodybuilders On How...
Advice for the college campus bodybuilder on how to stick to his/her bodybuilding diet requirements while attending school.
5 Tips to Stay Motivated to Achieve Your...
How can you stay motivated for bodybuilding and achieving your goals? Use these four strategies to program your mind for bodybuilding success.
Pregnancy Workout Routine
Stay fit while pregnant with this body sculpting weight training pregnancy workout routine.
Aerobic Exercise:
Aerobic Exercise Definition. Bodybuilding.
Bodybuilding Loading Phase Routine
Learn what my periodized pre-contest bodybuilding training routine looks like at 10 weeks out from a bodybuilding show.
A Busy Bodybuilder's Secrets to Find Time and...
Adopt the mindset of a successful bodybuilder if life is too busy. Use these bodybuilding training routines to keep progressing with limited time.
Biceps Works: What are concentration curls and...
Concentration curls are one of the best biceps workout you can do as it helps stimulate the peak of the bicep.
Best Equipment for Bodybuilding Training in a...
Home bodybuilding training is convenient, but you need the right gear. Learn what is the best equipment to put into your home gym for muscle-building.
2015 Mr. Olympia: Results
Check out the men's 212 bodybuilding, men's physique, women's physique, fitness, figure and bikini results from the 2015 Mr. Olympia.
Bodybuilding Science: What is Glycolysis?
Learn all about the science of glycolysis.
How Bodybuilders Get Bigger Arms
Next to abs, the question on how to get big arms seems to be the second most frequently asked one. In this Q&A, I hope to answer how to get guns for arms.
Bodybuilding Workout: Gain Up to an Inch in...
In this bodybuilding training article you will find an arms bodybuilding workout designed to help you gain up to an inch in your arms for the summer.
Bodybuilding FAQ - Can I Use Bodybuilding for...
In this article, learn how you can use bodybuilding in order to enhance weight loss.
Fighting The Female Stubborn Areas
In this article exercise scientist, fitness expert, and figure competitor Heather Wojdyla shares her knowledge with other women on how to transform the female
Water: The Most Anabolic and Most Neglected...
Learn about the importance of water for bodybuilding and other athletes and how not having enough will not only kill any chances for gaining muscle and losing fat but also put your health at risk.
Complete Chest Training
Read on to learn how you can gain maximize your chest training.
Bodybuilding Quads Training Routines
In this article I talk about quadriceps anatomy and present the basics (and exercises needed) for creating bodybuilding quad training routines that will work all four heads of this muscle group; thus increasing the size and definition of the quadriceps and giving you a powerful look on your legs.
Lee Labrada’s Chest Bodybuilding...
Best selling fitness author and IFBB Hall of Famer Lee Labrada shares his chest training secrets and his chest workout routine for mass.

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