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Keep a Food Journal For Fast Bodybuilding Results!

By April 2, 2012

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One of the most powerful tips that I can share with you for fast bodybuilding results is to keep a food journal. You can either use pen and paper or a program like Microsoft Excel (which is what I use). But being able to know what foods you eat and in what quantities is what differentiates the people that make the quickest bodybuilding results from those that do not. By having a food journal you can keep track of how many protein, fats and carbs you take in on a daily basis and thus, you can start adjusting your nutrition in order to make gains in muscle without gains in body fat, or in order to lose body fat while gaining muscle. You can also make notes as to which foods your body responds better.

At first, it takes work to set the journal up and you may not be used to measuring your food and then writing down the proteins, carbs and fats of every item but I promise you that the work is well worth it (as any competitive athlete can tell you) and it gets easier with time. So even if you don't do bodybuilding competitions but want to get in the best shape possible, implement this tip that us competitors use and you will see the difference that it makes!


April 2, 2012 at 4:49 pm
(1) chiefgreybeard says:

A food journal can also help pinpoint our weaknesses. My weakness is almost always the day after a “leg” day. If I ever binge eat, that’s the day! Knowing this from a food journal has allowed me to increase my protein and fiber (both tend to reduce hunger) the day after a leg day. This greatly reduces my desire to binge on carbs.

April 2, 2012 at 7:26 pm
(2) john says:

I use MY FITNESS PAL really good “free” food journal

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