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Bodybuilding Training - Bodybuilding Pre-Contest Training Routine

Hugo Rivera's Personal Bodybuilding Pre-Contest Training Routine


Hugo Wins The 2001 Typhoon Bay

Hugo Wins The 2001 Typhoon Bay

Hugo Rivera
The routine below shows you how my periodized pre-contest bodybuilding training routine looks like at 10 weeks out from a bodybuilding show.

Growth Phase Routine (Weeks 1-5; Started 10 weeks prior to the show)
For my pre-contest training I like to split the body up in 5 days as this allows me to add more exercises for each body part and thus attack it from all angles. During this phase, I just train from Monday to Friday for 5 weeks. The purpose of this phase is at the very least to retain every single bit of muscle as one loses body fat so the routine is lower in volume, uses heavier weights and has longer rests in between sets.

  • This routine uses modified supersets. Each pair of exercises represented by the same letter is a modified superset. In this type of superset, perform the first exercise (for example, A-1), rest 90 seconds, perform the second exercise (for example, A-2), rest 90 seconds, and then go back to exercise A-1. Continue this pattern until all sets are done, then move to the B exercises.
  • If an exercise is listed as a single exercise, then just rest 90 seconds in between sets.
  • You may change the order of modified supersets and the pairing of exercises as well from workout to workout in order to avoid staleness.
  • Abs may be trained separately before morning 45-minute cardio session in superset fashion with no rest in between sets.
  • Cardiovascular exercise is performed twice a day for 45 minutes at a time. Once in the morning before meal 1 at around 6 am and another time after the workout around 12 noon, or later on in the evening if my schedule does not allow me to perform it immediately after my weights (which I hit around 11 am when preparing for a contest). My choices of cardiovascular exercise are either walking on the treadmill, recumbent stationary bike or the elliptical rider.
Workout (A) Chest/ Rotator Cuff/Calves/Abs
A-1) Incline Bench Press 3x10,8,6
A-2) Calf Raises on Standing Machine or Leg Press (Toes In) 3x15-20
B-1) Chest Dips 3x10,8,6
B-2) One Legged DB Calf Raises 3x15-20
C-1) Flat Dumbbell Bench Press 3x10,8,6 (alternate with BB Bench Press every other workout)
C-2) Calf Raises (Toes Out) on Standing Machine or Leg Press 3x15-20
D-1) Incline Flyes (alternate with Across Bench Pullover every other workout) 3x10,8,6
D-2) Seated Calf Raises 3x15-20

E) External Rotations 3x12-15

Twisting Crunches on Swiss Ball 3xFailure
Knee-Ins 3xFailure
Swiss Ball Crunches 3xFailure
Hanging Leg Raises 3xFailure (alternate with Side Crunches every other workout)

Workout (B) Hamstrings/Lower Back/Abs
A-1) Single Legged Leg Curls 4x10,8,6,6 (alternate with Lying Leg Curls)
A-2) Lunges (press with heel) 4x10,8,6,6
B-1) DB Stiff Legged Dead lifts 4x10,8,6,6 (alternate with Wide Stance BB Deadlifts)
B-2) Seated Leg Curls 4x10,8,6,6

C) Bent Knee Dead lifts 3x10,8,6

Same Ab Routine from Workout (A)

Workout (C) Shoulders/Biceps/Triceps/Abs
A-1) Bent Over Lateral Raises 3x10,8,6
A-2) DB Shoulder Press 3x10,8,6
A-3) Upright Rows 3x10,8,6

B-1) Preacher Curls 3x10,8,6
B-2) Close Grip Bench Press 3x10,8,6 (alternate with Alternating DB Curls every other workout)
C-1) Incline Curls 3x10,8,6 (alternate with Concentration Curls every other workout)
C-2) Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extensions 3x10,8,6 (alternate with Overhead One Arm Triceps Extensions every other workout)
D-1) Biceps Chin-ups 3x10,8,6
D-2) Triceps Dips 3x10,8,6

Same Ab Routine from Workout (A)

Workout (D) Quads/Abs
A-1) Leg Extensions 4x12,10,8,6
A-2) Lying Leg Raises 4xFailure
B-1) Squats 4x10,8,6,6 (alternate with Front Squats every other workout)
B-2) Swiss Ball Crunches 4xFailure
C-1) Wide Stance Squat 4x10,8,6,6
C-2) Hanging Leg Raises 4xFailure
D-1) Leg Press (feet together) 4x10,8,6,6
D-2) Modified V-Ups 4xFailure

Workout (E) Back/Traps/Forearms/Abs
A-1) Wide Grip Pull-ups to Front 3X10,8,6
A-2) Shrugs to Front 3x15-25
B-1) Close Grip Pull-ups (Reverse Grip) 3X10,8,6 (alternate with Medium Reverse Grip Pull-ups every other workout)
B-2) Shrugs to Back 3x15-25
C-1) Close Grip Pull-ups to Front (Palms facing forward) 3X10,8,6
C-2) DB Shrugs 3x15-25
D-1) Low Pulley Rows 3X10,8,6
D-2) Reverse Barbell Wrist Curls 3x20-25

E-1) Hammer Curls 3x10-12
E-2) Barbell Wrist Curls 3x20-25

Same Ab Routine from Workout (A)
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