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Bodybuilding Sucess - Bodybuilding Training and Dieting While Traveling

Continue The Bodybuilding Lifestyle As You Travel


Traveling Has No Effect On Hugo's Bodybuilding Program

Traveling Has No Effect On Hugo's Bodybuilding Program

Photo Credit: Lina Rivera
My job as a fitness author requires a lot of traveling. In order for me to maintain my bodybuilding lifestyle during my trips, there are many preparations that I have to make in advance so that I can avoid missing meals and workouts.

Because it is summertime and many of us are traveling for vacation purposes, for business, or both, I decided to write this small article with tips on what you can do to maintain your bodybuilding lifestyle as you travel.

Planning and Preparation

The key to keeping a bodybuilding program while traveling, provided you are determined enough to do so, is planning and preparation. If you do not plan ahead and fail to prepare in advance it may be nearly impossible for you to keep a bodybuilding lifestyle as you travel. The items below will provide you with a list of steps that, if followed, will make the process of planning and preparation very simple.

Bodybuilding Training During Travel

Before you go on your next trip, ensure that you have a place to work out. The following steps will aid you with your planning:

  1. Find out if the hotel that you are going to stay in has a small fitness facility or at least a set of dumbbells. Call the hotel and see what they have available as far as fitness equipment. Gather as much information as possible. Most of the time however most hotels are just equipped with some stationary bikes and a “universal type” weight machine at best.

  2. If the hotel does not have a suitable fitness facility, then find out the location of the closest gym and plan to work out there. The Internet is a great way of finding out what is nearby the hotel you will be staying at or you can even ask the customer service person from the hotel over the phone to lead you in the right direction. I suggest that once you look at the list of gyms, unless it is a well known chain, you call and ask for daily rates, times of operation and type of equipment. If you are staying over 5 days, also ask if they have a special rate for just one week as opposed to paying for a daily pass each day. In this manner, you save some money.

  3. If by some twist of fate there are no fitness facilities in the area (hard to believe), then take with you some exercise bands, which is better than nothing. In this case you will do a maintenance type of routine which consists of the following exercises split in the following manner: Click here for the Bodybuilding Routine.

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