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The Importance of Focusing During Bodybuilding Training, by James Villepigue

Focus for Bodybuilding Results


James Villepigue

Best Selling Fitness Author

James Villepigue
I used to think that weight training was a matter of moving weights from point A to point B. I was taught early on, by both fellow gym rats that the result from just the movement or action of weight training alone would lead to further progress and results. After years of sustaining little or no results, terribly aching joints and overall confusion, I set out to do my own research about what it really takes to elicit true progress and profound results during weight training. What I discovered, is now the basis and reason I set out to write my next book “Mind Over Muscle”. My discovery was the following: The reason why most people never achieve any bodybuilding results is due to their lack of focus and little connection between their mind and their muscles.

Proper Form vs Moving a Weight
Have you noticed how many people in the gym just pick up a weight and just move it from A to B? Have you also noticed how many times, these same people come in year after year to the gym just looking exactly the same way. While there are many factors that contributed to this lack of progress, such as the wrong training program and the wrong diet, if these people would have focused and felt the muscle as it was being worked while they were working out, at least they would have gotten some results.

In my experience, I have noticed that there are only a few people who take it a few steps further. There are those who have learned to tap into the amazing powers of the mind. They are able to induce a Zen like mind-set, allowing them to create precision focus, unbreakable determination and fierce intensity while training, all leading to profound results.

One of the ways to achieve this state lies in your ability to focus, without distractions, on your objective. To properly train a muscle is to truly feel that muscle being stimulated during exercise. Are you a Power-lifter or body-builder concerned only with heaving massive weight in any disorderly fashion? Or are you the type of athlete who cares about getting the utmost (quality) results from your workouts, each and every workout? If you belong to the latest group, then read on!

Focus During The Exercise
Did you know that the mind and every psychological process have a measurable physical manifestation? In other words, your mind can and will greatly affect your physical body, at will. So how does this apply to weight training? Try this: Before you execute a set, think about the precise muscles you intend on stimulating. By doing just this, you are then creating a super-enhanced mind-muscle connection. In addition, what I want you to do is that every time you perform an exercise, think about the muscle contracting and expanding. Feel it as it contracts to lift the weight and as it stretches to bring it back to the initial position. For inatance, when working the chest, contract the muscle as you move the weight up and stretch it as you move the weight slowly on the way down. For biceps, really squeeze the muscle when lifing the weight and slowly stretch it when lowering it.

Focus During The Training Session
In order to achieve bodybuilding results, besides focusing while performing the exercise, you also need to focus on the workout itself. How many people do you see training while talking or even reading a newspaper and they all seem to have the same body-type they had last year? Could it be that their inability to focus and dedicate themselves to their training sessions has helped them get nowhere, fast? You Got It!

Focus On Your Goals
Finally, anothet form of focus that will greatly help your bodybuilding endeavors is that of focusing on what your goals are. If your goal is to compete on a bodybuilding show, then you need to focus on that, visualize how you will look and take the actions necessary to start on your path there. This means that you will need to embark in a very demanding training and nutrition program that will test the limits of your mental endurance. However, focusing on the ultimate goal, your competition look in this case, will help you stay on track and not deviate from the path. While this is not easy, having such focus will give you a laser guided path that will lead you to the final destination.

Proper focus can and will bring you more results than you’ve reached thus far in your bodybuilding training. Combined with the right training, nutrition, supplementation and rest schedule, focusing on your exercises, training session, and ultimately your goals, will get take you to the final destination quicker than you ever thought possible! Believe & Achieve!

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