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The Truth About Fats: Why You Need Fats for Bodybuilding Gains and Weight Loss

by Anthony Alayon, CFT


Anthony Alayon, CFT

Anthony Alayon, CFT

Are fats the reason why people in America are getting fat? Are fats bad for your bodybuilding endeavors? Arguably the most discussed fitness topic when it comes to dieting and weight loss is the intake of fats.

Anytime the word "fats" is mentioned, people automatically think that they are bad for you and must be avoided at all times in order to achieve weight loss and increase your levels of fitness. These people are only partially correct and that is the main reason why I wrote this article about fats. And for us who practice bodybuilding, as you will soon find out, if you eliminate all fats from your diet you will not be able to gain muscle nor lose fat efficiently!

With this being said, let me start by discussing some of the common myths about fats as well as explain the different types of fats.

5 Myths about Fats Debunked!

Fats Myth # 1: All Fats Are Bad For You

Many people think that no matter what types of fat you eat, they will cause you to gain weight and increase the chances of having health problems. The truth is that not all fats are bad for you and some fats have numerous health benefits such as helping you to decrease body fat, build lean muscle mass, and have higher energy levels.

Fats Myth # 2: If You Eat Fat, You Will Gain Fat

This has been the stereotype given to fats for many years now. People always seem to look at nutrition labels and will stay away from anything that has a high fat content. The truth is that if you eat the right fats, you will find yourself losing weight and decreasing body fat very rapidly if you are following the right type of diet. Fats like fish oils, flaxseed oil, and extra virgin olive oil have properties that will allow you to increase your energy levels, gain muscle and lose body fat much more efficiently. In addition, they also provide health benefits such as the lowering of cholesterol, the protection against heart disease and the increase of insulin sensitivity.

Fats Myth # 3: Eating Fats Will Increase the Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes

This is without a doubt true if you are eating the wrong kinds of fats. Saturated fats will cause you to gain weight and increase the risk of having health problems such as heart disease and diabetes in the future. So will transfats (which are partially hydrogenated oils which are man made) which are the worst kinds of fats for you because your body cannot even process them correctly. But other fats, like I already discussed, actually increase the chances of living a healthier life.

Fats Myth # 4: All Fats Are the Same

As I have mentioned briefly in the above statements, not all fats are created equal. People often stereotype fats as the "bad guy" in nutrition and thus are robbing themselves of several health benefits. I used to be a victim of believing this myth, something that held back my bodybuilding gains considerably, until I discovered the truth about fats.

Fats Myth # 5: In Order to Decrease Body Fat You Must Stay Away From Fats

This is arguable the biggest mistake made by people who are attempting to lose weight other than the fact that they think that less food is better. I have heard a countless number of times how people say they will not eat this food or will not eat at all as there are too many grams of fat in a particular food. They may be right if the fats they are talking about are saturated. However, as long as the fats you consume are the right ones, such as mono and poly-unsaturated fats, you will experience many benefits that can enable you to live a healthier lifestyle.

Note: This is not to say that you don't have to watch the amounts you eat. Just like with any nutrient, if you overeat it, you will gain fat since any time that you take in much more calories than you burn, then fat is stored.
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