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Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbell System Review

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Advantages of This Design

1-SAFETY: Once the weight change operation is executed correctly, it is virtually impossible to have a situation where the weights fall due to the threaded mechanism. Also, the way in which the weights are secured against each other as a stack, prevents any sort of rattling or spinning of the weights during operation. With these dumbbells, as one performs the exercises, the weights do not move in any way or form. As a matter of fact, they work and feel like a solid fixed weight style dumbbell.

2-TRADITIONAL DUMBBELL DESIGN: The traditional dumbbell design allows for the execution of any exercise that can be performed with dumbbells.

3-RUGGEDNESS OF THE DESIGN: The dumbbell handles are solid steel and the plates are made out of iron as mentioned above. This prevents any damage to the system if it is hard dropped. Therefore, you can expect many years of use from your investment.
4-QUICKNESS OF CHANGE: While not as quick to change as a pin system design, the difference in time is minimal and it is well under the amount of time that it would take to change weights using a normal adjustable dumbbell system. In my opinion, the added security features combined with the traditional dumbbell design, make the few extra seconds of change a more than acceptable trade-off.

5-FULL STORAGE STACK INCLUDED FREE OF CHARGE WITH THE DUMBBELLS: The vertical storage stack is included, thus facilitating the weight change operation and also the storage of the dumbbells.

6-LOW COST: At only $429 per pair (with the free rack), I don’t know of a more cost effective home gym solution. I mean, you can get up to 75lbs of resistance in each dumbbell which is what most of us need anyway.

7-ADD ON FEATURE: If you are more of a hardcore bodybuilder like myself, for an extra $179, you can get an add-on kit that will enable you to increase the resistance all the way up to 120-lbs per dumbbell. This set comes with its own new set of longer screws that allow for the secure holding of the added weight.
8-THIRTY DAY RISK-FREE GUARANTEE: If you do not like the dumbbells for any reason after trying them for 30 days, you get to return them and the company will give you a full refund including the shipping charges.

9-LIFETIME WARRANTY: As long as you are not using the dumbbells commercially (meaning that they are for in home use only), this warranty covers lifetime repair or replacement for mechanical integrity when used according to the instructions for normal use.


Due to all of the advantages and cost effectiveness provided by the system, this is now my system of choice for the person who decides to set up a home gym. They can be easily used to perform dumbbell-based routines, such as the ones prescribed in my Body Sculpting Bibles and in the many other routines presented on this site.
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 5 out of 5
You don't need quicker changing DBs than these., Member lazur

Not the fastest, but considering proper rest between hard sets, (& impaired fine motor skills), they're as fast as anyone needs. (If you can change ""Powerblocks"" fast enough to do multiple stripping sets, you're not working hard enough: Your hands should be too shakey to put the fork in straight. Do rest-pause without changing the weight, instead.) ...Ironmasters are the tightest-locking adjustables, & the shortest heavy adjustables, by far. (They get a bit long w/ 120Lb kit, but @ 75 lbs, they're -short-.) The plates are perfectly proportioned,& the locking pins' wide, flat head extends only a fraction of an inch past the plates.There's no bar. Less weights=less length.... Adds up to a DB you can swing & twist,(even throw, if that's your thing), without fear. Unless you have room for a dozen sets of gym-quality solids, there is nothing better.

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